How do we work?

We work in personalized way with a team of sculptors, designers, architects, engineers and companies associated with a long history in the execution of the jobs that are required to perform.

Our Goals

We help optimize profitability devising themes that capture niche markets such as for example the children and their families.
Our products are provided without exception a custom scan in continuous interaction with the customer, the environment and the end user.
Our goal is to achieve a high quality product in both design and implementation, and a cost that will improve business profitability.
Our offices are in Palma de Mallorca and our art center and workshop in Barcelona.

Pulpo Piscinas Tematizadas

Who we are?

We are an interdisciplinary group of experts with expertise in the design, development and construction of a variety of topics, through the use of modeling figures and fine art, using a wide variety of techniques. Lowered risks to the client applying our knowledge in Hotel Project Management.
We developed the project from conception to implementation.
Our human capital allows us to provide a holistic and comprehensive treatment to tackle projects, adapting fully to the needs and requirements of any investor, especially the hotel.

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